3 Reasons why you need a 2nd POS system

    The holidays are here, and Spring is around the corner. This is one of the busiest times for companies. Nail Salons included. Before your business gets overcome with long lines and irritated customers, here are 3 reasons you should consider getting an additional POS system.

1. Preventing theft

    One of the many things business owners worry about is all over the country is cash theft. The Kelly can act as a credit card-only system alleviating that stress. It has the full functionality of a POS but with half the footprint. By spacing the Kelly away from the reception desk or at the other end you can designate who handles who’s responsible for cash in the salon while you’re away and be able to hold them accountable. The fewer the hands in the cash drawer, the less you must worry.

2. Faster Checkout times

   While the salon environment offers relaxation and pampering the reality is it’s working on a finely tuned clock. While your customer won’t mind having an extra minute of massage, they will mind waiting to check out. Everybody has a tight schedule and being able to take care of customers quickly without skimping on quality is the sweet spot. The Kelly helps you process payments faster & keep your customers happy, which makes you more likely to sell additional products before.

3. Compact size can fit anywhere

    No matter the size of your reception area, the Kelly will fit with no problem. With a foot print equal to the size of a paper appointment book it’s easy to accommodate. It can be placed on the desk or even mounted along with the printer on a wall in a central location for easy access. Imagine how much it would free up your main system to have your technicians’ clock in and out, & check their appointments here.

   A good POS system lets you process every sale securely, a second POS system helps you take care of your clients efficiently. Salon checkout’s extension, Kelly, comes with a tablet, card reader and a receipt printer. Before your business gets overcome with long lines and irritated customers, consider purchasing an additional POS system from our partner, Salon Checkout.