What does your reception desk say about your business?

   The first thing people see when they come in to your business is your reception desk, and it makes a bigger impression than most realize. When clients enter your business, their first focal point is the reception desk. You want to make a good first impression when greeting new and returning clients. If that pressure wasn’t enough, with so many different reception desks available it’s hard to know what desk is right for your business. You may personally gravitate toward a style that does not reflect your brand. Here are somethings to keep in mind when creating your reception area.

Does your reception desk say “Welcome”

  • Does your reception desk make people feel…intimidated? If your reception desk has a high counter, it can place a barrier between you and your receptionist. It can turn people away. A lower desk counter doesn’t hide your receptionist from the face to face interaction and gives a feeling of openness. It makes your receptionist feel available and approachable.

Does it match your brand?

  • Does your desk tell people to come in and relax, or is big and boxy? Does it look like it belongs in a medical office? Your reception desk is the focal point of your guest lounge. Consider a getting a custom-made desk. Something with texture and curves that says your original and at the forefront of your industry. If done right, your desk can serve as a piece of décor.

Is it functional?

  • Its great that your desk looks fabulous, but is it functional? Can your receptionist get their work done while staying organized? Consider storage for files, outlets in places within easy reach, drawers to store office supplies so that the desk always looks neat and clean when guests arrive. Help your employees maintain a clean work space by building in compartments for all your receptionist’s needs. Make sure your wires are hidden. The goal is for your receptionists to get all your work done while making it look effortless.

Don’t clutter but keep it relevant!

  • Your guest lounge is a perfect place to marketing your services. Television is the perfect place to market your company. Instead of running the local news why not have a rotating display to educate your customers on your services and use it as an opportunity to up sell. Make sure your promoting in the right space. Do they know that when they are checking out that they can buy gift cards? A reception desk is where a display of different types of gift cards are a good trigger and reminder. Are you clients aware of the new polish collection you just got in? Why not inform them while they are waiting for service.

A good reception desk is a statement piece. Make sure your reception desk is making the right statement for your salon.