About us

  • Jul 02

Lebelle was founded over 20+ years ago when David was in college and spent his off time from class helping his mom in her little 1500 sq ft shop, Mary’s Nail Supply, in Asian Square. At the time there were 10+ other nail suppliers in a 4 mile stretch of Buford Hwy operating the same way. Squeezing in merchandise from floor to ceiling and storing inventory in trucks and storage units, competing solely on price.

It was during this time David had an audacious idea. What if he were to sell nail supply on a warehouse level? And so, Lebelle was born. David was joined by his siblings and during that era and they dominated the industry. Lebelle It was the first to issue a full color catalog showcase of its products, send bi-monthly promotions and push onto the web. Overtime Lebelle transitioned to become the first showroom to dedicate 4000 sq ft to only spa chairs & furniture. This gave customers the opportunity to see and compare brand name quality products in person. Unlike many other spa chair & furniture showrooms today, Lebelle does not import any products themselves. You won’t get a pushy sales rep favoring an unknown brand because there are 100’s of tubs stored in the warehouse. We are the preferred vendor for all major spa chair companies in the Southeast.

After the expansion, his siblings have pushed to 3 separate, but complimentary businesses and often partner together to provide unique, quality products and promotions to Lebelle’s clients. We have provided a bit of information for each below.